NICE PLANES plane & simple 

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The design follows the philosphy of Einstein, "Everything should be made as simple as possible".  A block of ash wood, a piece of steel and a wedge.  That is what makes a Nice Ash Plane.  Comfortable to use in any direction, with no pre shaped hand positions.  It's this simplicity in the design, that allows us the possibility to sell these hand crafted wood planes at such a reasonable cost.

Though we feel the beauty of our planes rest in their simplicity,  we would love for you to buy a Nice Ash Plane and shape it to your own personal preference.  Make it look like a signature Krenov, or mortise in a tote and a button for a bit of old school style.  No one better than you, knows what you like.  The hard work is done, make it your own or leave it alone.  Either way, you will have a Nice Ash Plane.  We do ask, out of respect for the idea and the initial craftsmanship, please leave our NICE ASH brand on the plane.

Should you decide to express your artistic liberty with a Nice Ash Plane, please send us a pic.  As long as our brand remains on the plane, we will happily display it on this page as inspiration and example for other craftsmen. 
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